Dear Magic Friends wordwide,

may we introduce to you our new magic factory.

Please note, we don’t produce masse products, rather than hand crafted miracles, spectators have never seen before. Behind of most of our creations stands German’s Genius Magiro, supported by Siegfried von Cannon, member of the MZvD and I.B.M.. Since Magiro invented magic tricks, never seen by the light of the magic world before,known to a few insiders only.

Well, we like to change this, offering our state-of-the-art miracles to you too. The number of pieces we produce, is still limited. They are not cheap at all, but you can purchase cheap tricks from many other sources (disappearing in magicians‘ drawers). To possess our miracle tricks means, that you would be proud of them, never leave your home without them.

Have fun. Best wishes from Germany,